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There’s been some conversation going on in the comments section of one of the previous comics that’s talked about the mesh of different elements from different time periods that have made appearances in the comic so far, and it got me thinking about things.  So tonight, I’m gonna ramble for a while, and hopefully, you’ll enjoy the ride :)

One of the things that made the most impression on me as a kid was a movie called “Streets of Fire.”  It was criminally ignored back during it’s release in 1984, but to a 10 year old kid, it planted the seeds for a lot of things.  Streets of Fire was a stylistic mix of 50’s cars, and 60’s Motown, and 50’s style with present day elements buried in the background.  And it has this architecture style that was 40’s/50’s with a worn look to it that suggested to me that the movie was set farther in the future (early 21st century, maybe).  It was rainy streets, and neon reflecting in puddles, and mist and steam at night.  And it had this dystopian air to everything that called to mind a lot of the scifi that I was coming to love as well.

It was advertised as a rock and roll fable at the time of it’s release, and to this day there’s hasn’t been anything like it since.

“Another place, another time.”

One of the things that I loved about was the mixture of styles.  I loved the fact that you didn’t quite know what world it was set in.  You didn’t know where it really was from.  It was the world next door, maybe.  A world where the A-Bomb hadn’t been invented, and WW2 had finally ended a couple of decades after it did here.   The ambiguity was what appealed to me the most, though.  Because when you think about it, it could be set any where, or any when you wanted it to be.

Back when a 10 year old kid saw this in the Scottsdale Mall movie theater in South Bend, Indiana (a theater, and a mall that doesn’t even exist anymore) it blew his tiny little mind ;)   The idea of it, this mixture of different elements has been what drove Requiem from almost the beginning.  It’s as much about the uncertainty of what world you’re really on as much as it is about the answers to the mysteries.   It’s fabulation, or at least what a ten year old kid thought of fabulation as.

One of our characters; Jonathan Delrain said something once comic-wise that I’ve said many times over the years “Nothing without purpose”.  There’s a reason for everything.  From the dream symbolism floating through the current section of the comic, to the crystalline reflection that permeates many of the things you see here, even to the use of dark glasses among the people who have been changed by the Sentience Virus (and it’s not just to hide the fact that their iris’s have shifted color)  But while there is a reason for everything, the feel comes from the eyes of a ten year old child.  A ten year old child who realized that what he wanted to do more than anything else in his life was to build worlds.

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Not much to say lately for some reason.

Right now, I've been baking my brain on 3d work, and testing alternatives to Carrara for the comic.  I've been looking pretty heavily at Cinema 4d on a friends machine and I am liking what I see, but there are some issues that vex me.

The big problem with things is the 32/64 bit divide, and the fact that my current program of choice is still in 32 bit territory.  I've been sitting out upgrades for the last year and a half just because RAM limits piss me off.  At the same time, my minds eye keeps on seeing things that I just can't pull off with my current setup.

And on a personal note, one project fades away, and another one may end up becoming a reality.  The latter just depends on how sarcastic I can safely become without giving myself a stroke.

It's gonna be a long night, I just know it.  One of those nights where you have to sleep, but can't because you keep on thinking of things you don't want to be thinking of.  One of those nights where listening to music becomes a masochistic exercise.
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It's a late night, and I'm crashed out listening to Marvin Gaye's "What's Going On?" album.  Few things are this perfect. :)
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On September 20, and Jaison Stefaniak (of Dragon Girl Noriko) had the privilege of attending The Cruxshadows concert (as part of the Immortal tour) at Reggie's Rock Club in Chicago.  Overall, it was an incredible show.

The concert was put together by Demons and Darlings out of Chicago for their Gothtober Fest, and I have to tell you that they were incredibly on the ball.  They did a great job with everything.

As for the bands?

The opening acts were I, Scintilla, and Ayria.  The two opening acts did 45-50 minutes apiece, and were definitely on top of their game.  I'd previously been unaware of either one of them, and they left me stunned with just how good they both were.  I, Scintilla are based out of Chicago, and gave a stunning show to a home town crowd, and have a new album coming out in October of 2008.   The Ayria set was composed of largely new material from their just released album "Hearts and Bullets", and kicked major ass.

Buy their stuff...I command it.

And The Cruxshadows were absolutely incredible.  I'd been wanting to see them for years, and they most certainly did not disappoint.  Their show lasted just over two hours, and for the first hour of it, it was nothing but music.  After the first hour, Rogue took a slight pause to say hello to everyone, and talk to the crowd for a little bit...and then they were right back into it.  They opened with Immortal...and for the encore they did "Monsters", "Tears" (my favorite song off of Wishfire) and conluded with "Marilyn, My Bitterness"

Highlights of the evening?  God, there were so many...seeing Jessica Lackey and Sarah Kilgore of The Cruxshadows dancing to Ayria's "Analog Trash" stands out :).  Getting to meet Ayria's Jennifer Parkin (who hails from my favorite city in the Western Hemisphere, Toronto), who is an awesome lady BTW, is another; as was talking Guitar Hero and Rock Band with Johanna Moresco outside before the concert started.

Rogue linking arms and dancing with the crowd during "Deception" will be something I will always remember, not to mention him singing from on top of the bar at one point.  And the encore, which concluded with about half the audience onstage with the band by the time it ended.

And of course Rogue announcing that "Immortal" had just debuted at #2 on Billboards Dance Chart, and #6 on the Hot 100, beating out Madonna.  I remember one member of the crowd yelling something about how they were better than Madonna....and Rogue replied that "I think she has bragging rights on us though, (pauses and holds one finger up in the air), but not this week (and smiled)"

Just an incredible night all around.  I would have posted this earlier, but Youtube finally has some footage from the concert that me and Jai were at which I have linked to below.  Enjoy!

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Oh, and from the Encylopedia Dramitica

How to identify a Ron Paul supporter

  • Belongs to the KKK or frequently posts on Stormfront
  • Listens to the Hal Turner Show.
  • Is on the internet 23 hours a day.
  • Lives in Montana, Wyoming, Texas, or outside of the USA, where they can be found in the basement of their parent's house.
  • Always bitching about having to pay taxes, even while commuting to work on roads or public transit.
  • Has at least 100 sockpuppet accounts on Youtube
  • Owns more firearms than the entire country of Portugal
  • Brings at least 3 or 4 firearms to his shitty Tech Support job.
  • Cant get through reviewing the toaster he bought on without mentioning VOTE RON PAUL 2008 over 9000 times.
  • Will always refer to Ron Paul as "Dr. Ron Paul" (as if holding a medical degree somehow qualifies you to be the leader of the free world).
  • Is obese
  • Is a virgin who couldn't get laid in Bangkok.
  • Hates Jews, Mexicans, and Blacks (mostly Jews)
  • Is a closet Nazi (unless they claim to be Libertarian or other 3rd party. Then they're just closet Republicans.)
  • Is sixteen years old
  • Hates Leftards
  • Enjoys slapping Ron Paul bumperstickers all over random vertical surfaces
  • Lives in Europe, having no voting rights in the United States whatsoever.
  • Claims to have read the constitution but actually hasn't.
  • Becomes emotionally distressed when someone says something remotely bad about "Dr. Paul".
  • Spouts conspiracy theories about the mainstream media fixing polls because they're "afraid of a Ron Paul presidency".
  • Will accuse any detractor of hating the Constitution and hating liberty. This isn't at all similar to how neocons label detractors as freedom-haters who hate America.
Oh, and a bunch of his fucking supporters are now using the Chuck Norris meme in relation to him.

For those Ron Paul supporters who have just entered the romm...


Spam me now you worthless morons.


Oct. 20th, 2007 02:25 am
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I'm better.  Much, much better.

No more stabby thoughts...the Joe Jackson could be what's helping, or it could be the fact that Gateway did manage to have a replacement for my fubarred DVD Burner...or it could be the fact that I finally discovered one of my personal holy grails (the George Harrison Live In Japan album from 1990 again.)

It don't matter though, I'm no longer homicidal at any rate.  Things will resolve themselves.

I'm feeling the big crash coming on right now, it was a hellish day, overall.  I think I spent about 11 hours straight staring at mold drawings, air poppets, waterlines and manifolds today.  I'm still seeing Autocad color numbers dancing in front of my eyes as I check the daily news and comic trawl.  Pushing myself right now, trying to knock out one of my commitments before I hit the bed.

Just got done buiiding an elevator car for a 3 panel quickie I'm putting together for Monday...Got the source files ready for a week of Clarence, Edgar and Ena...not to mention a whole hell of a lot of physics to come as well.  It's nice to actually be dealing with something that is easy to write for a while.  The hard stuff is coming up though, but then again it always is.

Pub tomorrow night, and I may be out and about some other places this weekend.  Only know about my schedule for Saturday night for certain.  Bedtime at last for me. 

Night all....
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  1. There is just something undeniably cool about Cream's "Badge"  Yeah, I know the lyrics don't make any fucking sense.  I. Don't. Care.  It just sounds fucking cool.  End. Of. Story.
  2. Great White is my guilty pleasure of the hair band era.
  3. Last night, me and [ profile] meteru came to the agreement that there will be Chinese democracy before Guns N Roses "Chinese Democracy" ever makes it to the stores.
  4. Revamp-wise, I am currently redoing the citadel at the edge of Bellisarius territory.  I am also currently losing my mind, doing the citadel at the edge of Bellisarius territory.
  5. It's a rare and beautiful thing when you see a lady walks past you with a face that resembles something that was engraved on a shell cameo.  ([ profile] meteru  was there to see this, he can confirm)
  6. Remy Zero.  Why haven't I heard of them before now?
  7. I find Dubai to be very intriguing lately.  What I am wondering though is whether this will end up being a sustainable community...or the biggest real estate bubble yet.
  8. It's amazing what you can see when you are looking at something at 1800*2700 resolution.  Like a characters thumb sticking through the slide of an HK SOCOM .45 semiauto.
  9. Beck can sound pretty damn good late at night...but ya know what?  The Cowboy Junkies at that time of day can easily reach a level of sublime perfection.  Yeah, I know they aren't hip anymore since Natural Born Killers went out of the publics eye.  I don't care.  They are still great.
  10. It's not that I hate hippies, and the great social movements of the's that too many of them didnt think about responsibility and the future along the way.
  11. I hope like hell my friend can be with the person he cares about...and that it happens sometime this year.
  12. I should have been an irresponsible bastard this weekend.  I should have made the road trip to southern Ohio and seen Loreena McKennitt perform.  Yes, I suck.
  13. Right now, I need to see a blues band.  I also need to dance.  I have no idea where the last part of this one is coming from.  It could be insanity finally beginning to claim me ;)
  14. It's all about responsibility, and no fucking excuses for anything.
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12 hour day today...tired, finally getting over the minor case of pneumonic plague I came down with this week...

Little too tired to be profound right now.  So this time it's just gonna be what pops into my head.

  1. I've been noticing a resurgence of 419 scam email least more of them have been getting past my GMail filters lately.  Normally, I never even see them in my Inbox.
  2. Haven't had much of a chance to work on book stuff this week...I did knocked out a few more revamps this week though, which is something.
  3. I've been going back through the dusty section of my music collection and pulling out somethings I haven't heard in a long time...Brian May's "Back to the Light" still holds up quite does the Brian Ferry I've been hitting as well.  The Loreena McKennit "Live in San Francisco" album is quite good if you looking for something a bit more gentle.  Most of what I have been listening to at work has been Sirius Satellite radio.
  4. I am finding this to be extremely intriguing.
  5. As I get older, I'm beginning to realize that every night is a Tom Waits kinda night.
  6. I've stared at Autocad 2007 so much in the last week that I am seeing selection boxes and handles in my sleep.
  7. Why in the hell hasn't somebody put together a decent chat extension for Firefox yet?  I know that there is Chatzilla for IRC, and at one time there was an AIM extension called AIMfire, but why the hell hasn't somebody came up with something Trillian -esque for the 'fox yet?  (Nosing around may have caused me to find something that does the job...more on this later.)
I'm almost scared to say this after the trainwreck I ended up dealing with a while back, but I think I finally have a grip on my life again.

One last one for the road...and then bed....

Goodnight all.
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"And I'm talking to myself at night
Because I can't forget
Back and forth through my mind
Behind a cigarette"

Tired...very very tired right now.  Having trouble lifting my glass of soda right now, even.

Had a meeting with a local consulting firm about some stuff today, hopefully things could be promising in the future...Don't know how everything is going to shake out with it, though.  My mind is more than a little bit fried out right now.

Current job is pounding me into the ground, and I've discovered that large quantities of cutting oil/machine coolant works on me like poison ivy does on most people.

Not sleeping real well lately, either.  My dreams lately have been a little too Lovecraftian around the edges to real comfortable.  Even during waking hours, things are a little hallucinatory.

One panel left to do and Fridays comic is done...added another couple of comics to the revamps. They have been going slower than I have liked because of my schedule and such.  Hopefully things wil soon resolve themselves in my favor.
It looks like my mind just came back on line...maybe it is the half a two liter of cherry coke I have just got done slamming...or it could be "Rocco" by Death in Vegas at damn near full volume on my iPod (still 4G and looking to stay that way for a little while longer at least.)  I think this energy may be temporary, but I am gonna ride it while it lasts.

Some other random thoughts...
  1. The official theme song for Requiem is "Just Another Day" by Oingo Boingo.  Listen to it, you'll get it real quick.
  2. I am still missing my old Dell Axim PDA, though now it looks like Apple, of all people, put together an affordable replacement for me :)
  3. Thinking about doing another revamp preview and commentary here soon...probably gonna be University Commons and the revamped intro for Julia Wells.
  4. Need to find the rules for quoting songs in fictional works.  Like, if I have to pay a royalty rate or any of that kind of thing.  Plus proper citing rules.
  5. If the local mosquito population doesn't begin to calm the fuck down here soon, I am going to choose the nuclear option.
At any rate, tomorrows comic is done and uploaded...and it is tobacco time and then bed for me.

...England prevails.
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16 remasters down....

A preview of the new Owl River Bridge will be going up Saturday.

Need food, need steak, need shrimp, need cheese fries....

All of of these things will soon be taken care of.

I'm still sketching out idea's for Tarot Cards, too.
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I thought I was going to scream for a while.

Spent three fucking hours on one panel for the revamped comics that kept crashing on me over and over in the same damn spot.  Had to do some major tweaking of things to get it fixed, too.  I managed it.

New job starts Monday as well....things are mellow over here...taking a little bit of time off from doing much of anything...being solitary and relaxed for the most part.  The Mighty Misfit is better after her health scare of a little while back.  However, she has developed a deep seated resentment of having her jaws pried open in order to be given her medication.  On this, I can't blame her in the least. 

My fingers are also pleased to report that Missy's teeth are still as sharp as they ever were.

Still keeping my fingers crossed on a number of other things as well.  If things work out like I hope, I will have attained one of the things that I have wanted my entire life.  More on that to come...
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Tonight it has been Splinter Lake and the digital mechanics of building the perfect beach. 

Seven hours straight on a computer working, a two hour break, and then another run at the finish line.  Tomorrows comic is done, the Renderosity strip is almost nailed, and I have learned things.

One thing I have learned was how to control my temper as I listened to a global warming denialist recite the republican doctrine according to that inbred, oxycontin snorting fucktard Limbaugh in my local hangout/drinking establishment. 

Three cheers for temper control, I guess.

Oh, and according to this dick, Nixon was a good president.

And a few other observations...

1. Has anybody out there but me noticed that singer Macy Gray sings like a female Fraggle with a really bad cold?
(oh, and in case you don't know what a Fraggle is...

2. It's all about connection, and the things money can't buy...([ profile] meteru will know what I'm talking about)

3. I'm currently taking the new version of Fireworks for a test drive, and I have to say that it makes me a very, happy panda.  They actually improved it (which I didn't think was possible)

4. Obsidian canyons have recently been springing to mind lately as something I might visit in the digital art side of things.

5.  I am still working on the Requiem Tarot deck...I'm still hung up with The Hermit right now.  Yes, I am beating my head against the wall.  I know what I need to complete it, I just don't have it yet.

6.  With the recent work on Microholography and the development of 500GB's of storage on a DVD there may finally come a day when I can back up my Poser directory and comic art files on one disk.  Of course, this also means that a couple people I know will soon be making the ultimate mix DVD's ;)

7.  I have had Tracy Chapmans "Baby, Can I Hold You Tonight?" as my mental soundtrack for the last month or so.  Great song, and the memories from it are enough to almost kill me at times.


Jun. 12th, 2007 01:50 am
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4 comics+1 night= I go die now.
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I'm still here...

Things have been quiet for the most part the last few weeks or so.  I've been spending most of my last few weeks dealing with Plasma and Oxygas cutting machines long distance.  Most of what has been running through my head lately is the same type of scattered observations that make up my internal monologue.

  • I've got Connecticut the week after next...if it wasn't for business...I would be hard pressed to come up with a reason to go there in the first place.
  • I have come to the conclusion that I like bluetooth cellphone headsets.  Especially when you don't notice them at first, and you assume that what you are seeing is some lunatic talking out loud to the voices in their brain.  It seems to me to be an accurate portrayal of the world :)
  • If DAZ would make a human realistic figure that was a low on resource use as Aiko 3, I would be a very happy panda.  V4 sure as hell ain't definitely uses a lot of horses....I'm definitely apprehensive of what this is going to mean for the upcoming Micheal upgrade.
  • I don't watch all that much in the way of televison...but I have definitely become enthralled with "The Wire".
  • I am cursing the gods over the fact that Coca Cola discontinued Black Cherry Vanilla Coke.  Cherry Vanilla Dr. Pepper is a decent substitute...but BCVC was my favorite soda of all time.  When I am in an experimental mood, I think I may try to put together my own.  When I get it done, I will post the recipe :)
  • The one fashion weakness I have is for wristwatches...and I must admit that I absolutely lust after the Tag Heuer Carrera. Absolutely flawless workmanship from what I have seen.  It's just a pity it costs so damn much.
  • And furthermore I curse everyone who was in favor of making my section of Indiana go to Eastern Daylight Time.  We are 90 fucking miles from Chicago, we do not need to be on the same time as New York City.
  • I'm trying to get over the fact that Requiem is coming up on it's 1000th comic.  In retrospect, it kinda blows my mind a bit, looking at all the different pieces of software I have went through so far in the making of this nihilistic epic ;)
  • I am noting with a great deal of sadness that my local area is slowly running out of abandoned buildings to explore.  Urban renewal has taken most of the cool ones away.
  • The techie side of me is mourning the discontinuation of the Dell Axim PDA line.  Probably the best thing to come out of Dell too...a great value for the money.  The thing is it's all about the smart phone now.  Despite the fact that they are underpowered on the CPU side and you can't check your notes and contact list while you are talking to someone...or the fact that not everybody wants or needs a cellphone....Still ebay has a number of them in good shape still available...and there is an interesting one at HP that looks good too...It may be time for me to step up to something like a Treo eventually.  The idea of broadband conectivity with an actual usable pda type platform is very appealing to me.
  • Does anybody do a smartphone that has an 802.11b connnection in it?


Apr. 6th, 2007 01:13 am
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Art night tonight...followed by a three day weekend that starts tomorrow.

Oh, and crab stuffed baked potato from the Madison Oyster Bar is one of the things that makes life worth living :)

I may be heading out to Connecticut here soon as well for more job training here soon.  Things are going exceptionally well on that front at any rate...I just hope that when I get out there, it is warmer than it is here.
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Things have over all been quiet lately.

Lotta work, lotta art, lotta music going in the background lately.  I've been spending my time rediscovering a lot of music I had forgotten about over the years, watching my cat play, and thinking.

Maybe too much thinking :)

Renderosity did a feature on all of us cartoonists for the two year anniversary of the comic page.  I've also gotten a number of friendly comments about the Star article as well.

As for me...I've come out the other side.  Now I just gotta figure out what came with me, and what stayed behind.
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It's almost staggering to me just how many people have resurfaced in one way or another out of the past recently.  News comes in waves it seems....and tonight I keep on getting word from both sides of the pond.  Marriages, deaths, impending birthdays, and brushes with cancer.  I know this stuff happens's just seems like the last two or three days I keep on getting word and news on all kinds of things all at once.

Changes come whether we like it or not, and it seems like everyone I know is in some kind of flux right now.  I'm glad as hell for a bunch of's nice to see some people finally figuring out what they want to do with things.  It's like seeing them finally figure out what that deep sense of dissatisfaction that has been fucking with them for years is.  Congratulations on the impending nuptuals as well R.H., I'm just flat out amazed that a lady actually managed to tie you down with out using superglue and bungie cord.

Other changes have just blown my mind...the last of the surviving grand uncles on my dad's side of the family has just made his 100th birthday, one of the Swedish family members is undergoing cancer treatment, I've seen fires and floods, and exploding air hoses in the last few days.  And to top it all off, our smirking chimp of a president lied to us yet again.

Me and the Mighty Misfit are still here though, and still writing as well.  There is a lot to go on a number of projects...and a number of things that need to get squared away on a number of fronts.  BUt we are still kicking it though, that I can guarantee.

At any rate, all the best to everyone...and keep out of the dark places, you could be eaten by a grue.


Jan. 21st, 2007 01:45 am
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All commitments are done for the night....
Three comics knocked out this evening....

Need nicotine, soda and sleep in that order.

And I need nurses...uninhibited, pretty, nurses...

Or maybe I just need some fucking sleep.

Good night all.

PS:  Since I actually have a days worth of buffer up right now...I am not going to do the smart thing and try to build on it.  Nope, tomorrow is going to be free form art day.  Which means that you people out there should get something cool to look at tomorrow.

And now sleep.
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Overall, getting back to work has been pretty righteous...

Now if only I knew why the ball of each foot feels like someone is taking a makita cordless drill on a one way trip through them, I would be in business. I think what I am feeling right now is indirectly caused by the aproximately seven years I spent hoping on and off fork lifts.  Only six more weeks or so and I am in my normal assignment...sometimes training sucks.

At any rate, I've been dealing with industrial lasers for the last couple of weeks or so, I am definitely looking forward to getting into the programming side of things on them.  I got a chance last week to observe some programming tests on a Tanaka 3 axis industrial laser that was bigger than some houses I have lived in over the years.

Still here, any how...filling in the gaps, and putting things together.  Dealing with the enemies this time around in the comic...and filling in the pieces on a number of things that I know that people who have gamed in this world have always been wondering about..or came up with the wrong explanations for.  Comic is uploaded for tomorrow by the least I am on a section that is relatively easy to pull off for once.  The recent underground railroad staion I had to put together was a nightmare.  I worked okay comic-wise...but it still isn't quite what I wanted in the end.

Oh [ profile] meteru ?  You really need to head over to Vanishing Point and check out their marketplace for Poser models and stuff.  There are a number of things over there that I havent seen anywhere else.  One thing of interest is a whole series of trains (engines, boxcars, tankers and the like)  From what I can see they look absolutely awesome.

Need all kinds of things right now...soda, cigarette and sleep in that exact order.  It's too much to ask for a total lack of pain in my feet as well.
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Why do I always end up taking so damn long to get around to site maintenance?

Anywho....the links page is finally updated.

As for what else is going on?  The worst thing in the world...absolutely nothing.
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