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Finally, LJ actually responded for once.

Right now I'm in the middle of a 4 day weekend, and I am crashed out doing comics right now.  I'm a week ahead, and going for two right now.  Tropic Thunder is currently going on the tube, and I am trying to absorb it right now.  It's better than I thought it was, though I am not quite believing what I am seeing.  Flabbergasted is a good word to use to describe my reaction right now.

I've got about twelve different ideas for projects right now.  The only thing that is standing in the way of them right now is computational resources.  One of things that I have been thinking about is how to do a realistic waterfall in CGI for the comic.  It all comes down to particle generation, but I don't want to have to animate twelve gajillion fucking frames to get what is essentially gonna be, at most, 15 panels of comic.

Of course with the way I am, that means that I will end up figuring out a way to do it sometime.  Because I am an obsessive fuck, and it'll drive me crazy if I don't get it done.
It's 459 miles to Toronto from where I am currently sitting right now.  It's about a seven and a half hour drive. 

I'm just throwing that out there.  It's just a thought.


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