Nov. 6th, 2011

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... a blast from the past today and asked me about the Casey Anthony thing and what I thought about it.  And I kinda blew my stack a bit and quoted something I wrote a while back when it was still current in the media cycle.

I waited a while on posting this. mainly because we've got a lot of crazy fuckers here in the States.


It's people reaction to this whole thing that pisses me off.

The first question is one of pure fucking logic....How can it be a homicide when you can't even tell for sure how the victim died? Seriously, how?

“We have no idea how the victim actually died. But by god, she was cute, and WHITE, so by god somebody fucking killed her!”

And lets be honest here, this kid was the perfect media victim. If she was black, or Asian, or some other minority, you would have never even heard about this. And the media did everything they possibly fucking could to convict the mom here. EVERY-FUCKING-THING. Hell, that fucking harpy Nancy Grace used the case as her personal ad campaign for three fucking years. They tied the noose, and put it around her fucking neck. And a jury actually did their damn job and didn’t fall for it.

You wonder why people are so shocked that this woman was acquitted. Hell, when you spent three years whipping them up into a lynch mob, and every talking head media whore was telling them that they are guilty, what do you think is gonna happen when someone actually does something that they are supposed to for once? Of course people are gonna be shocked, Go fucking fig.

“But she lied about this, and she went to this party, and she did this, and she went out and got fucked up and OMGWTFBBQ!!!!1! SHE KILLED THAT POOR WITTLE BAYYBEEEE.”

No, she lied to the fucking cops. Hell, I’ve lied to the cops. Neither one is homicide.


No. Innocent until proven motherfuckin’ guilty, remember? But hey this is America here. We are a gutless, spineless bunch who buys into everything a media outlet tells them. This is America, and by god we don’t do shit, but we love to fucking watch. We’re a bunch of miserable simpletons who can’t do shit about anything that really matters but we can turn our porch lights on for a kid, who in the big scheme of things DIDN’T FUCKING MATTER. and by that, I mean this miserable fucking slacktivist thing right fucking here.


Because they did their fucking jobs, that’s why. Heh, suddenly makes that thing you blow off and come up with phony excuses to get out of seem pretty fucking important now, doesn’t it? And I just love how the media thinks that the jury has to tell the press what they were thinking. THEY DON’T HAVE TO TELL THE PRESS A FUCKING THING. Why? Because they don’t owe them a damn fucking thing.

But hey this is America, and people have no fucking memory about things anymore. Hell, does everybody just think that the reactor problems in Japan, and the fucked up Gulf of Mexico, are suddenly all better? They aren’t. Those, and a whole host of other problems are still going on every goddamn second. And we sit back and watch Big Brother instead of saying anything about ANYTHING that really fucking matters. The misery machine keeps right on spinning as everyone sits around their little fucking houses, pops some more popcorn, and looks for the next piece of “news”.

Because this is America you know, and the only kids we really give a shit about here are the dead ones.


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