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The idea that suffering is somehow virtuous is one of the sickest ideas that I have ever heard.
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I'm seriously missing Toronto right now.  I seriously need to get back there some time.
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Not much to say lately for some reason.

Right now, I've been baking my brain on 3d work, and testing alternatives to Carrara for the comic.  I've been looking pretty heavily at Cinema 4d on a friends machine and I am liking what I see, but there are some issues that vex me.

The big problem with things is the 32/64 bit divide, and the fact that my current program of choice is still in 32 bit territory.  I've been sitting out upgrades for the last year and a half just because RAM limits piss me off.  At the same time, my minds eye keeps on seeing things that I just can't pull off with my current setup.

And on a personal note, one project fades away, and another one may end up becoming a reality.  The latter just depends on how sarcastic I can safely become without giving myself a stroke.

It's gonna be a long night, I just know it.  One of those nights where you have to sleep, but can't because you keep on thinking of things you don't want to be thinking of.  One of those nights where listening to music becomes a masochistic exercise.
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...but if you pale him out, and add red hair, doesn't Governor Bobby Jindal look a whole hell of a lot like Alfred E Neuman?
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It's a late night, and I'm crashed out listening to Marvin Gaye's "What's Going On?" album.  Few things are this perfect. :)
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This is too cool not to share!

A while back, one of my readers  by the name of Roger Ellingham (known in the comment list here at Requiem as Count Thalim) got a hold of me privately about doing a satellite imagery style picture of the main continent (Ainm Baile) that much of Requiem takes place on.  Well today, he emailed me the final product.

What the good Count did was take the map that I had designed and layered satellite imagery from a whole ton of different NASA pictures to come up with the first satellite pictures of the world I've been writing about.  I’ve been staring at it off and on for hours now, and I have to tell you that it is incredible.

So without further ado, I present to you one of the coolest things that I have ever seen.  it is visible right HERE

Thank you good sir, you have made my holiday!!!

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Long days, a lot of silence lately.  Haven't been online much at all.  Been working off and on on the great infrastructure project mostly.  Knee's been giving me problems again as well.

Fuck getting older.
Fuck it in the ear. 
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The audio of Bill Hicks from Arizona Bay.....

The elephant is dead!

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But I wonder how many write in votes Ron Paul got ;)
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"...AAAH-HA HA HA HA! He's dead! It's dead! The Republican beast is fuckin' dead! Twelve years of that rampaging Republican fuckin' elephant-beast finally brought to its knees. Yes! You're dead, you fucker! You fuck! You fuck, you're dead! Dead! Dead! Dead! We hate you! Hate you! Now do you know it? Now do you feel it? Feel the fuckin' hate. Feel it. Call off your dogs. Call your little Vietnamese pot-bellied Rush Limbaugh back to your fold, you demon fuck! Bring Pat Buchanan back! Call him back, you lost! Finally...the Republican beast-elephant brought to its fuckin' knees. 'Cause I feel like me and my friends and all the artists in the fuckin' country were like little pygmy tribes shootin' darts at that elephant for twelve years, and finally (elephant trumpeting, then crashing noise). Do our little pygmy dance: (singing) Na na na na na na na! Na na na na na na na! Na na na! Yes!"

---Bill Hicks
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A future art idea...just posted here to remember it...
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Syntax is in the studio working on a new album.

I am officially a happy panda.

Thank you...carry on.
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On September 20, and Jaison Stefaniak (of Dragon Girl Noriko) had the privilege of attending The Cruxshadows concert (as part of the Immortal tour) at Reggie's Rock Club in Chicago.  Overall, it was an incredible show.

The concert was put together by Demons and Darlings out of Chicago for their Gothtober Fest, and I have to tell you that they were incredibly on the ball.  They did a great job with everything.

As for the bands?

The opening acts were I, Scintilla, and Ayria.  The two opening acts did 45-50 minutes apiece, and were definitely on top of their game.  I'd previously been unaware of either one of them, and they left me stunned with just how good they both were.  I, Scintilla are based out of Chicago, and gave a stunning show to a home town crowd, and have a new album coming out in October of 2008.   The Ayria set was composed of largely new material from their just released album "Hearts and Bullets", and kicked major ass.

Buy their stuff...I command it.

And The Cruxshadows were absolutely incredible.  I'd been wanting to see them for years, and they most certainly did not disappoint.  Their show lasted just over two hours, and for the first hour of it, it was nothing but music.  After the first hour, Rogue took a slight pause to say hello to everyone, and talk to the crowd for a little bit...and then they were right back into it.  They opened with Immortal...and for the encore they did "Monsters", "Tears" (my favorite song off of Wishfire) and conluded with "Marilyn, My Bitterness"

Highlights of the evening?  God, there were so many...seeing Jessica Lackey and Sarah Kilgore of The Cruxshadows dancing to Ayria's "Analog Trash" stands out :).  Getting to meet Ayria's Jennifer Parkin (who hails from my favorite city in the Western Hemisphere, Toronto), who is an awesome lady BTW, is another; as was talking Guitar Hero and Rock Band with Johanna Moresco outside before the concert started.

Rogue linking arms and dancing with the crowd during "Deception" will be something I will always remember, not to mention him singing from on top of the bar at one point.  And the encore, which concluded with about half the audience onstage with the band by the time it ended.

And of course Rogue announcing that "Immortal" had just debuted at #2 on Billboards Dance Chart, and #6 on the Hot 100, beating out Madonna.  I remember one member of the crowd yelling something about how they were better than Madonna....and Rogue replied that "I think she has bragging rights on us though, (pauses and holds one finger up in the air), but not this week (and smiled)"

Just an incredible night all around.  I would have posted this earlier, but Youtube finally has some footage from the concert that me and Jai were at which I have linked to below.  Enjoy!

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Long day of work spent working for a long time today, spent most of it editingfuck Pro-E files for transferringfags over things into Autocad. Spent too long staringfuck at pipingfuck assemblies and parts and assembled pipes, and that was tryingfuck to get used to from the idea of that which Labor Day is just around from the corner.
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The Cruxshadows are playing Chicago on September 20. :)

Who else (besides me) is going to be there?
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The Hanged Man )

And this means that the Major Arcana are complete :)  All of them to date can be seen at
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Yesterdays posts were part of my participation in BLITEOTW 08.

Carry on :)
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It's just streetlights right now.

I'm still at the window, chain smoking looted unfiltered cigarettes as rain intermittently sweeps the city.  A couple cars have passed by on the main road below us since night finally fell.  But only a few.  The dead seem to be drawn to the headlights and engine noise from a long way off, and they all seem to be forming their own little parade as a result.

Most everybody else is trying to get some sleep right of the people I made it here with managed to wire in their Ipod into the restaurants audio system, and part of me thinks it's very fitting that I'm watching hordes of undead walking the streets of my hometown while Jackson Brownes "Lawyers In Love" plays in the background.

Lot of people I know have been dropping off the web...or else they didn't make it.  I gave up trying to figure out if anybody I know locally is still around.  Phone service has been spotty at best for the last few hours.

Still here...still typing...just trying to distract mysel-

Fuck.  One of our own was bitten.  Gotta go.
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